Classic Ivory Mega Pack

KSh 9,820.00

A beautiful 6 piece mega candle pack that includes:

3×3 ivory (1), 6×2 ivory (1), 6×3 ivory (1), 9×2 ivory (1), 12×4 (1) and 18×4 (1)

Experience the allure of this exquisite candle pack, creating a mesmerising glow and captivating aroma. Perfect as a gift or to elevate any space with pure bliss.

*BONUS* But that’s not all – this beautiful candle pack goes above and beyond. It includes a heartfelt letter nestled in a custom envelope, expressing your deepest sentiments with elegance and sincerity.

*BONUS* And as a token of appreciation, a special one-time personal coupon accompanies this gift, ensuring that the recipient can continue to enjoy the magic of our candles in the future. Whether for a candle connoisseur or a lover of all things cozy, this wonderful candle pack is sure to delight and inspire, making it a truly cherished and memorable gift.


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